Church History 

    The church was organized in 1906 from a mission started by the Reverend Joseph Tucker, a member and missionary worker, out of the First Baptist Church (East Eighth Street).  The site was given by Mr. N. H. Grady, a real estate dealer, with the aim of inticing others to buy property and build homes in this community.

            Sunday School was held each Sunday afternoon with missionary workers of various churches as instructors.  Other religious services were held.  The Mission proved to be an asset to the community and it was affectionately called “Tucker’s Chapel,” obtaining its name from the organizer.

            Rev. J. C. Clark was called to serve as pastor of the Church. Under the leadership of Rev. Clark; Deacons Otto Reason, Ed Pennamon, Lucious Brooks, Galveston Harris, Sam Ellis, Charlie Hayes, Hobart Bowerman, John Neil Sanders, and Tom Wellington served faithfully.  During his pastorate, revivals were held and members were added to the church, among who were many young people.  The membership increased by leaps and bounds.

            Later the old building was demolished under the Assistant Pastorate of Reverend Samuel Adams.  During this time a temporary place of worship was held at 956 East Third Street. Though the church was without a senior pastor and the membership had decreased, they remained loyal and proved faithful, uniting together to work and rebuild a place of worship for the Lord.

            Deacon J. Otto Reason was selected as Chairman of the Building Fund. Members gave their time, their labor and their finances.  Many worked day and night completing the structure of the building at Garfield and O’Neal Streets. On the fourth Sunday morning in October 1941, the congregation entered the new building and began to worship. As the church was without a pastor, the congregation was led into the new church by Reverend O. W. Smith, who served as Master of Ceremonies. Reverend Sam Adams led the singing and Reverend Williams Lockhart delivered the sermon.

Reverend H. L. Searcie was called April 8, 1942, and began his pastorate immediately.  Under his leadership the church grew both spiritually and financially.  During his administration an annex was erected and the baptistery built.  New members were added to the church; many things were accomplished. Sister Mattie Hayes served faithfully as superintendent of the Sunday School for 26 years.

            In 1946, the church had incurred a great debt in regards to the building program. The Board of Officers and members granted the Trustees authority to borrow money to meet this indebtedness. Pastor Searcie resigned in 1949.

            Rev. E. P. Crutcher was called by unanimous vote of the membership.  He preached his acceptance sermon on May 7, 1950.  After being at the church a month, he devised plans to clear the indebtedness within three months.  A goal of $4,516 was set to be raised.  This amount was reached and exceeded within ninety days.  The Mortgage Burning was held September 15, 1950 at 8:00 p.m.  The Vice President of the Tennessee Baptist State Convention, the Reverend W. T. Crutcher, Pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church, Knoxville, Tennessee, was the speaker.

            Other accomplishments under the leadership of Rev. E. P. Crutcher included the purchasing of pews, a new piano, a Hammond organ, new office furniture, and modern kitchen facilities. The installation of a heating system, a cooling system, chimes, a finance room, and many needed repairs and improvements on the interior and exterior of the church were achieved. The congregation accepted the challenge to purchase and furnish a parsonage at 2006 Ivy Street.

            The church expanded its program during these years with the aid of the pastor.  Outstanding local and national speakers were invited annually for special services and lectures.

            The building at 860 McCallie Avenue was purchased for the price of $57,500 in 1965.  All remodeling costs and the original purchase price had been paid and the church was left debt free at the passing of Rev. Crutcher in November of 1974.

            After weeks of service being led by lay ministers, Rev. M. T. Billingsley was secured to serve as interim pastor.  He served from New Year’s Eve of 1974 until September 1975.  He was then called as pastor of the church and the church continued to grow spiritually.  Many improvements were made, including the renovation of the educational building and the Pastor’s study; the detailed cleaning of the outside of the church building; conversion of the heating system from coal to gas; installation of a new baptistery; and the purchase of a church bus. He began a Radio Ministry broadcast of the 11 am service each Sunday. 

            Under the leadership of Rev. Billingsley, the membership purchased the building at 1115 North More Road in 1995.  The Entry Service was held Sunday, May 28, 1995.

            Also under Rev. Billingsley’s leadership many new members were added to the church and an active Building Fund Campaign was initiated.  During this time, the E. P. Crutcher Fellowship Hall was expanded to include the addition of a small chapel, choir room, administration offices and class rooms. The new addition was named the M. T. Billingsley Annex.

            Rev. Billingsley retired in 2011, after serving as pastor for 35 years, and a search for a new pastor began. In January 2012, Rev. E. T. Maize was called to pastor the church. He resigned effective June 2013.

After several months, Rev. Gary L. Hathaway stepped up to lend a much needed helping hand. He served as spiritual leader until being called to the office of Senior Pastor in January 2015. Adopting the vision of “Loving, Learning and Living Community of Believers for Jesus Christ”, Greater Tucker Missionary Baptist Church is experiencing a revival of spirit and fellowship.

            There are many opportunities for service and commitment: Sunday School, Mid-Week Prayer Service, Bible Study, Evangelistic Team, Laymen, Youth Ministry, Mass Choir, Youth and Young Adult Choirs, Male Chorus, Praise and Worship Team, Mission Department, Usher Board #2 and Volunteer Usher Board,  Youth Ushers, Bus Ministry, Pastoral Counseling. Rev. Hathaway and church leaders are developing new ministries and service opportunities.